This agricultural machine peanut combine harvester is made up of :
1, traction frame assembly 2, gearbox assembly 3, pressure belt wheel assembly  4, shaking soil device  5, coveying active wheel  6, reorganization ridge device  7,land wheel unit  8, tensioner wheel assembly  9, transportation chain assembly  10, transports the driven wheel  11, excavation shovel assembly  12, limit deep wheel assembly  13, latter presses the earth roller 14, first presses earth roller 15, dial seedlings roller 16, cut grass plate.

peanut combine harvester
New product peanut combine harvester

Peanut  combine harvester is widely used to harvest groundnut. It is suitable for sandy soil, and hill field and flat field.

Peanut combine harvester is suspended with the rear 3 point of the tractor, easy to connect, reliable for power output.we adopt  the design of bi- directional wheel and two-level vibrating wheel, so it can quickly separted the harvested plants from the non-harvesting plants, non-twine, high efficiency, low breakage. We adopt the design of bi-directional roller for breaking soil and double-deck vibrating sieve, which can well effectively  meet the clay soil and semi-sandy soil, it can well do the separation more cleaner. Bi-directional roller can break big block, it is facilitate the subsequent processing.

peanut combine harvester
The running peanut combine harvester

 The working principle of peanut combine harvester:

The peanut combine harvester working principle is that the digging shovel digs up the soil andcrops through the impetus of the tractor.And the digging shovel make crop and soil separate through vibration sieve the soil first drip down from the clearance of vibration sieve,finally the crop crashed down on to the road from the back.

Peanut combine harvester is mainly used to harveting the peanuts.This peannut harvester can finish digging, cleaning soil, putting on the ground during one operation, which is suitable for working in small pieces of peanuts planting field to decrease labor need immensely and improve the working efficiency highly at the same time. It is very popular at farmers these years because of good quality and working performance.

peanut combine harvester
The working peanut combine harvester

 Main features of peanut combine harvester:

1. With the balance of the configuration of inertia vertical vibrating screen device, not only can also achieve clear soil and transport integration function, and with little vibration, smooth and reliable operation, rides comfortable and so on characteristics;

2. The vibrating screen grid side tail planting structure, it has the low loss, seedling lay out the effect is good wait for a characteristic;

3. With double pressure wheel clutch device, it has the characteristics of connecting smooth and reliable operation, etc.

4. 15-18 horsepower tractor can drive, and at present the most farmers have four-wheeled tractors adapt, has wide power adapter, less investment, fast convergence, etc.

peanut combine harvester\
Peanut combine harvester with tractor power

Model 4DY-105 4DY-120 4DY-140 4DY-160 4DY-182
Overall dimension(mm) 1860*1030*1030 2560*1200*860 3300*1700*1100 3300*1900*1100 3300*2100*1100
structure type Rear-suspend
matched power(hp) 28-35 40-60 60-80 90-100 100
working efficiency(mu/h) 1-2 2-3 4-6 6-8 8-10
weight(kg) 280 340 590 720 840
max. digging depth(mm) 120 120 120 120 120
digging type digging shovel type
working width(mm) 1050 1200 1400 1600 1820
working speed(m/s) >0.5 >0.6 >0.7 >1 >1.2