corn peeler
The using corn peeling machine
Corn peeling machine is the equipment that put the corn outer skin peeling off after the corn harvest .It replaces the manual stripping tension and heavy labor , reducing the labor intensity , improve production efficiency .

corn peeling machine
The working corn peeling machine

Advantages of corn peeling machine:

1 ,The corn peeling machine adopts the four - axis structure of the largescale peeling machine ,the reasonable feed entrance design ,with a spade or baskets direct feed .
2, Using the advanced design of peeling off the net rate , less broken core .
3 , Less investment , and the effect , a good helper for farmers to get rich.

Technical parameter of DY-BP063corn peeling machine:

Model  DY-BP063
Capacity  1500-2400kg/h
Voltage  380v
Power  3kw
Revolving speed 2800r/min
Weight  120kg

corn peeling machines
The corn peeling machine in the factory

corn after peeling
Corn after peeling