The scope of application of microwave vacuum drying equipment:

Applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. Better thermal stability of material drying and sterilization. Especially all kinds of Chinese herbal medicines and itsraw materials, semi-finished products, health products,powder etc.

microwave vacuum drying equipment
Microwave vacuum drying equipment

Advantages of microwave vacuum drying equipment:
Ⅰ.Compared with conventional microwave drying machine:
1)Low temperature:under one atmospheric pressure (101.3 kpa), the boiling point of water is 100 °C.But under 0.073 of one atmospheric pressure(7.37 kpa), the boiling point of water is only 40 °C.It is on negative pressure condition when using microwave vacuum device,material can be processed under low temperature.So the quality of the material can be guaranteed tremendously. The machine is especially suitable for drying material which need to dry in the low temperature, such as herbal extract, ginseng, ect.
2)Pressure:In negative pressure environment with microwave vacuum device, moisture evaporates faster in the lower temperature.

Ⅱ.Compared with conventional vacuum drying equipment:
1)Penetration:because it is in vacuum situation when using conventional vacuum drying equipment,heat can't transfer in the form of convection and can only conduct.So the heating speed is slow,drying time is long and the energy consumption is excessive. However,Microwave vacuum drying equipment adopts radiation way to transfer energy and it heat wholly without any medium.It avoids the above shortcomings.

2)Evenly:microwave heating is in and outside of the material at the same time,the temperature difference is very small in and outside of the material.So it is more evenly when drying materials,and the heating efficiency is greatly increased.

3)Quickly:because of the penetration of the microwave and the radiation way to transfer energy, materials is heated inside and outside at the same time.Thus the drying speed is greatly improved.

microwave vacuum drying machine
Microwave vacuum drying machine

Working principle of vacuum microwave drying machine:

This microwave vacuum drying equipment is suitable for low temperature dry of thermal sensitive materials, especially for sold Chinese medicine, honey, bee products, etc. Adjustable vacuum is with this equipment and get high dry speed, it can advance more for product quality and get features of equal heating, easily control and convenient installation, etc. It is widely used in heating sterilizing, ripped of medicine, biology product and forming products. It has special excellent efficient for several kinds of pellet, granule drying., As same, this microwave vacuum dryer comes sterilizing function and has features of adjustable power, intelligent control. Safety and sanitation product will be produced by it with long storage period.

Model DY-6 DY-9 DY-15 DY-18
Microwave power (KW) 6 (adjustable and controllable) 6 (adjustable and controllable) 6 (adjustable and controllable) 6 (adjustable and controllable)
Input power (KW) ≤7 ≤10 ≤17 ≤20
Accessories area (square meter) 0.5 (Monolayer) 0.5 (Monolayer) 1.1 (Monolayer) 2.5 (Monolayer)
Microwave frequency (MHz) 2450±25
Work temperature (℃) 60-120 (adjustable)
Microwave leakage (mW/c) ≤1
Tray layer 1-3
Total weight (Kg) 550 600 850 1350
Energy feedback mode The side or top to feedback energy
Cooling method Air cooling / Water cooling