grain dryers
The grain dryer in the factory
DYTower grain dryer is mainly composed of drying section, cooling section, discharging section, etc. It adopts mixed flow drying technology and can conduct one-time or circulated drying with the medium of clean hot air. Grain flows slowly from top to bottom along the channel between angular boxes under the influence of gravity, while the hot air comes into the dryer through the angular box, and then passes through the grain layer, flows to the surrounding air exhaust boxes, turns into exhaust gas, and eventually gets discharged from the air exhaust box. The heating up temperature of grain in the dryer is an alternating process. Thin grain layer, low fan power and low power consumption result in lower cost. The hot-blast stove is composed of the furnace body, the heat exchanger and other components. It takes coal, straw, waste wood, rice husk as its fuel. The heat exchanger is made of heat resistant material, so it has high thermal efficiency and long service life.
grain dryers
The installing grain drying machine

DY brand tower type grain dryer is suitable for drying high moist paddy, wheat, mung bean, sorghum, rape seed, and other grains. It is mainly used among small and medium size grain supply center, farms, self-planting grain farmers, etc.Even drying, quality of dried grain can be maintained. Grains are free from pollution through indirect heating, clean air is heated through a heat exchanger by hot air generated from burning of coal and stalks.

raw materials of grain dryers
The raw materials of grain dryers

grain dryers
The using grain dryers

Tower dryer is also called the grain dryers, grain drying machine is an ideal equipment for drying grain and oil, processed products from the top input, through the feeding device, to ensure that the equipment always in full load condition during operation. After turning inward bottomless v-shaped flap and processing with staggered joint action of multiple rows of "V" baffle, makes possible the mix of processed products, but also as dry air in and out of the channel, the fan will be used gas into the collector, purification, most of the dry air can be recycled, so save the fuel consumption.

the structure of grain dryer
The structure of grain dryers

Technical parameters of small scale stationary dryer:

model DYHX30
capacity(t/d) 30
Heat rate(wm) 0.15-0.6
Size(m) 4*2.5
height(m) 5-7
Reduction of moisture 3%-10%
Heating medium clean air