grain dryer
The grain drying machine in the factory

DY brand DYHX100tower type grain dryer is suitable for drying high moist paddy, wheat, mung bean, sorghum, rape seed, and other grains. It is mainly used among small and medium size grain supply center, farms, self-planting grain farmers, etc.

Even drying, quality of dried grain can be maintained. Grains are free from pollution through indirect heating, clean air is heated through a heat exchanger by hot air generated from burning of coal and stalks.

The structure of grain drying machine
The structure of grain drying machine

DYHX100Tower dryer is also called the grain dryers, grain drying machine is an ideal equipment for drying grain and oil, processed products from the top input, through the feeding device, to ensure that the equipment always in full load condition during operation. After turning inward bottomless v-shaped flap and processing with staggered joint action of multiple rows of "V" baffle, makes possible the mix of processed products, but also as dry air in and out of the channel, the fan will be used gas into the collector, purification, most of the dry air can be recycled, so save the fuel consumption.

grain dryer
DYHX100grain drying machines

Advantages of DYHX100 grain drying machine

1. High grain quality after drying: Air heating furnace indirectly dries grain, during drying, grain is circulated continuously and rubbed mutually to remove the awn, fuzz and others on the surface and discharge them through dusting machine, as a result, the cleanliness of dried grain is improved. The moisture reducing range can be adjusted, to make sure the grain uniformly drying and taste good.

2. Low crackle ratio, it’s applicable to dry the seeds: Low and constant temperature drying can effectively reduce the grain crackle ratio rate and increase the whole rice yield ratio during drying, so as to improve rice quality.

3. Low drying cost, multiple fuel can be used and energy-saving: High drying speed, which is equipped with biomass fuel furnace, the fuel can be rice husk, straw, saw dust and so on. Lower the drying cost.

4. Intelligence drying technology: The drying temperature can be adjusted automatically based on the surrounding temperature. For example, if the outside temperature is 20°C at daytime, the drying temperature is 50°C;if the outside temperature is 10°C at night, the drying temperature is 44°C.

5. Multiple function: It can be used to dry any grain and seeds all around the world, it’s applicable to dry the rice, corn, wheat ,sorghum and so on. It can adapt any climate and geographic location.

6. High automatic degree, easy to operate: It has auto feeding machine, auto circulating machine, auto temperature controller, auto alert device and so on.

The raw materials of grain drying machine
The raw materials of grain drying machine

Technical parameters of DYHX100 dryer:

model DYHX100
capacity(t/d) 100
Heat rate(wm) 0.5-1.2
Size(m) 4*2.5
Height(m) 7-12
Reduction of moisture 3%-10%
Heating medium clean air