grain pulverizer
Widely used grain pulverizer for farmer's family

1.Doing series grain pulverizer are our company’s new products which can guarantee the finished product standard, and overcome the inconvenience of the uneven fineness.
2.The internal finish is the standard stainless steel mesh, sieve mesh number can be made and chosen according to your requirement.
3.The grinding device has small size, easy packing, simple operation and no dust pollution, which are the best machines for the choice of milling flour equipment.
4.The small grain pulverizer is used to crush and grind grains like rice,wheat,corn,sorgarm,beans,sweet  potato,potato,potato vine and other massive plants and fiber feeds. it is very helpful for farmer's family  to process food for themselves or process feed for feeding livestock and poultry.
5.This grain pulverizer can also be driven by diesel engine if there is no electricity.As it's widespread usage,we also call it a animal feed grain crusher or small crusher for home use.